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Female traveller taking photos at Bagan Myanmar, Asia. Travel Insurance for Asia.

So many things to see and do on an Asian adventure! Asia is a wonderful experience and we guarantee that wherever you’re heading, you won’t come back unchanged. Here are some of our favourite adventures:


So many experiences to be had! There’s scuba-diving in the beautiful waters off Borneo – try Sipadan, famous for its magnificent 700m drop-off and amazing marine life including hawkesbill turtles. Hike through northern Vietnam, past emerald-striped rice fields. Or try zip wiring through 1,000 year-old virgin rainforest near Chiang Mai. Ride an elephant or trek to see orang-utans in the wild – magic!

Check out our Adventure Travel Pack add-on for people who like a wilder ride – it provides cover for many travel activities that mainstream travel insurance doesn’t.

Night Life

Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Bali - for full-on rowdy parties with fellow travellers, there’s nothing better. Thumping music, barely legal cocktails and all-night fun – bring it on! Keep yourself safe though. Don’t leave your drink unattended, and set a meeting spot with your mates in case you get lost or your phone runs out of battery.


Asia has everything from upscale chic malls to frantically mad markets – take your pick! Try Singapore for local crafts, or Hong Kong for knock-off bags, watches and amazing clothes. Bangkok is famous for silks and beautiful shoes and Bali for all manner of beautiful arts.


If you are keen to give something back, volunteering can be a great experience. Depending on your talents, you could work with children, or wildlife, or on a conservation project. There are many organisations you can contact before you go - check websites and contact details to find out their vacancies and requirements.

Travel Insurance

Asia is wonderful, but it may not be as familiar as home.

Many areas of Asia experience more than their share of natural disasters such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods and mudslides. In some places – some parts of Indonesia for example - there is also a threat of terrorist attacks, which are often higher around holiday times such as Christmas and Easter. Watch out for petty crime attacks including bag snatching and thefts too.

Medical care in some places may not be as good as in Australia and your private health insurance does not cover you. The Government may not help you with medical costs either. Plus some hospitals may only treat you if you can guarantee payment, no matter how sick you are.

Keep yourself safe by not leaving your bags unattended, not walking down dark alleyways and staying with your mates if you go out. Plus, we recommend taking out at least basic travel insurance if you’re heading to Asia. It provides cover for the essentials – overseas medical expenses, repatriation and public liability. If you’re planning on a more adventurous holiday, or going a long way from medical care or the cities, think about comprehensive travel insurance, with an Adventure pack add-on to make sure you have adequate policy coverage.

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