Backpacker Travel Insurance

Hiking in the mountains. Backpacker travel insurance for your gap year trip.

Budget cover without skimping on the important things.

Working holiday, studying overseas, gap year, trip to Bali with your mates?  Whatever you’re planning, check our quotes for backpacker travel insurance and then get on and get out there.

Backpacking is awesome for good times and fun with your mates. But as with everything, there are risks – getting sick, having your stuff taken, having an accident. With travel insurance you can party on, knowing you may be covered if things get hairy. It isn’t expensive and will pay for itself if you need medical care while you’re travelling.

It’s easy and simple to get a quote and buy online – just plug in your destination, dates and age below, hit the quote button and choose your level of cover – then voila! Great value, no fuss and no waiting.

Get a Backpacker Travel Insurance Quote

Our Basic plan is designed for people on a budget who just want medical cover. Plus we have a cooling-off period so you can cancel if you change your mind within 14 days.

Every day we manage claims where young healthy travellers have gotten into strife overseas. People get sick, hurt or lose their bags or equipment. Make sure you’re covered.

Our policies cover individuals, couples and families and we have a range of options depending on your travel plans and budget:

  • Comprehensive – our top cover option; if you want cover for cancellation and luggage, among other benefits
  • Basic – basic medical and personal liability cover only
  • Multi-Trip for multiple short trips (no longer than 45 days) over a 12 month period.
  • Domestic – Australia only – covers things like lost bags, cancelled holidays, rental vehicle insurance excess and more. 

Plus there are add-on options for specialised adventure travel snow holidays, and cover for your bicycle.

Find out more about Travel Insurance, or get a quote online.