Cheap Travel Insurance made in Australia

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When you’re on a budget it’s tempting to go for the cheapest travel insurance quote you can find. Or to rely on the travel insurance that comes with your credit card. But this cover might not be suitable for your needs.

Online Travel Insurance provides both premium and budget travel insurance options. And we’re up front about what’s included, any exclusions, and the full cost.

Just plug your destination, travel dates and age into the widget below. Then compare the different levels of cover, to get the cheapest quote. Then check the Product Disclosure Statement to make sure everything you need is covered, and you’re set!

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Things to check with cheap travel insurance options

A couple of tips to help you decide if the low price option is OK for you –

  • Check the overnight stays clause.  If you miss a flight and have to stay overnight, a cheap policy may not cover the cost of the accommodation.
  • The amount of excess you will have to pay before claiming.
  • Pre-existing medical conditions that are not covered. All policies should list the pre-existing conditions that are covered. At OTI, for example, we provide cover for things like asthma, epilepsy, migraine and hypertension, as well as many others.
  • Check what’s excluded – sometimes this can be such a big list it’s not worth the premium! Don’t get ripped off – make sure you read and understand the Product Disclosure Statement before you buy.

3 reasons to go with Online Travel Insurance:

  • We’ve been looking after Australians overseas for over 10 years.
  • Our underwriter Allianz is a member of one of the worlds largest insurance groups and in Australia is APRA regulated. This ensures high standards and helps protect the financial well-being of all Australians.
  • As a brand of Allianz Global Assistance, Online Travel Insurance is travel insurer and assistance provider. So you only need to call one company if you have questions or need medical assistance.

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