Compare Travel Insurance

Buying travel insurance? Compare travel insurance quotes online – it’s easy and quick. You could save, and still get a great product.

It’s easy to compare quotes online from most Travel Insurance companies. Once you’ve decided on a price, check the policy’s Product Disclosure Statement to make sure everything you’re planning is covered, and you’re set!

We know that buying travel insurance is not fun, so our travel insurance policies are straight forward. We can provide cover for a range of benefits for your travels, including:

  • medical expenses in case you become sick,
  • medical repatriation if you need to be moved home for treatment,
  • injury and accidents,
  • lost or stolen luggage and personal effects,
  • cancellations and delays, and
  • rental vehicle insurance excess

plus much more**.


Cover from $26.76AUD[1]

Comprehensive travel insurance is the highest level of cover we offer. It provides cover for many things that could happen while you’re travelling. From overseas hospital stays, to losing all your bags, to having an accident in the hire van by mistake – you have cover.

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Cover from $16.67AUD[2]

If you’re travelling overseas on a budget our Basic Plan may be right for you. Basic travel insurance provides cover for overseas medical expenses, and public liability. It’s great for basic medical cover if you’re traveling overseas, as long as you don’t need to cover bags or hire a car.

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Cover from $235.73AUD[3]

Our Multi-Trip Plan covers an unlimited number of short journeys over 12 months. No need to contact us every time you head off – just take out the one 12-month policy and then travel as often as you like within that period.

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Cover from $24.04AUD[4]

Australia’s pretty safe, plus we have Medicare - so why would you need travel insurance? Mainly to provide cover for other travel glitches so you’re not out of pocket - like lost or stolen luggage, last-minute changes to a more expensive flight, big rental vehicle insurance excesses – and more.

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