Domestic Travel Insurance

Our Domestic plan is designed for trips within Australia – Online Travel Insurance.

Why would you need travel insurance in Australia?  It’s clean, the locals are friendly and there’s Medicare.  Right?  But what if you get caught in unexpected situations and you’re not covered - like a rental car accident?  Or the airline loses your fishing gear – that never happens…or there’s a baggage handlers’ strike and you’re stuck in Kalgoorlie for a week?  Then there’s the blizzard that hit right before the start of your snowboarding lesson – did you know that if you had the right insurance you might be able make a claim for cancellation?

All these incidents could be claimable with our Domestic travel insurance policy.

Our Domestic plan is designed for trips within Australia.

It provides cover you, your partner or your family for:

  • Cancellation Fees and Lost Deposits - $10,000 (single); $20,000 (family) *
  • Additional expenses - $25,000 (single); $50,000 (family) *
  • Luggage and Personal Effects - $5,000 (single); $10,000 (family) *
  • Rental Vehicle Insurance Excess - $3,000 (single); $6,000 (family) *
  • Personal Liability - $2.5 million

plus more ** - see the Table of Benefits for full details, or get a quote online now.