International Travel Insurance

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Last year we helped thousands of people in trouble overseas.

Stolen laptop in Bali. Spinal injury in Nepal. Dengue fever in Thailand.

We know you just want to head off. You’re saving for your fare – not for travel insurance.

But having international travel insurance cover with a reliable company helps reduce your worry about your stuff being damaged, or how you’ll cope if you get sick or hurt.

The cost of medical care overseas can be very high. You can potentially expect to pay thousands of dollars for a hospital bed in the USA, for example. And your Australian private health cover will not cover you.

When you’re booking your next adventure, check our international travel insurance plans. They provide cover for:

  • Cancellation fees and lost deposits,
  • Reimbursement and/or replacement of your belongings such as your camera, laptop or phone, if they are stolen or damaged,
  • Replacement of your luggage if it is lost or damaged
  • Overseas emergency medical and hospital expenses if you get sick or hurt, and need treatment or have to come home,
  • Rental vehicle insurance excess,

and more **.

Plus, as a brand of Allianz Global Assistance, we are a travel insurer and assistance provider.

We have a range of different cover options for international travel, to help suit all budgets:

  • Comprehensive – our top cover option; if you want cover for cancellation and luggage, among other benefits
  • Basic basic medical and personal liability cover only
  • Multi-Trip – for multiple short trips (no longer than 45 days) over a 12 month period.

Count on us to worry about the detail, and get yourself out there.

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